Apply for the board 2020/2021!

Deadline extended to the 1st of May!

It is already March, which can only mean that the we are looking for next year’s board. Being part of a board is not only extremely fun, it is also a great learning experience. You will learn to work together in a small group, in which you are all dependent on each other. Being part of a board will help you build your resume and enables you to build a network.

The board consists of six functions:

President: The president is the chair of the board. They are in charge of chairing the meetings and making the agenda for these meetings. They are also often the person to deliver speeches, thereby representing the association. It is also important that the president makes sure that everybody is doing their job and that everyone feels heard.

Secretary: The secretary is the right-hand of the president. They take notes during meetings, manage all the incoming (E-)mail, plan the meetings, reserve the meeting rooms, and keep track of the member database.

Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for the entire budget of the association. At the beginning of the year they create a budget and during the year they keep track of all the finances. They also meet with the Audit committee to make sure everything runs smoothly. The treasurer often has a big, if not most to all, say in financial decisions.

Internal Affairs: The commissioner of Internal Affairs is responsible for the contact between the committees and the board and everything that has to do with the active members. They will organize the interviews for new committees and during the year they stay in contact with the committees to stay up to date. This means that they read the agendas and minutes of the committees or meet up with the committees in person.

External Affairs: The commissioner of External Affairs is responsible for getting sponsors for the association. An ambitious external affair might also want to look for nice discounts they could arrange for the members. They are responsible for the contact between companies and the association and make sure that the relationships are well maintained.

Public Relations: The Commissioner of Public Relations is in charge of the website, social media and other forms of promotions. They will make sure that the website stays up to date and safe. They can also use all your creative skill to create the promotional material. They will be in contact with the committees to make sure that their events are promoted well.

These are your basic tasks for these functions, but it is good to remember that you function as a board as a whole. Everyone is equal within the board and everyone can contribute new ideas or voice their opinion.

If you would like to apply for the HCSA board of 2020/2021 you can send a motivation letter and CV to before the 1st of May. We would love to talk to you in person if you are interested or have question, but we understand that this might not be possible considering the current situation, so feel free to contact us via e-mail or social media and we are open to video chat.