HCSA Board of 2020 / 2021

PresidentEster Camila Carneiro
Secretary & Vice-PresidentLucy Allison
Internal Affairs Wally van der Laan
External AffairsAngelica Bercx
TreasurerSeyed Khashayar Ghavami
Public RelationsFlorencia Edgina

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Hey Everyone! I’m Ester and I’m very happy to introduce myself as HCSA’s Board President for 2020/2021. I study International Business and I think this new experience will be very beneficial to make me a better leader in the future so I can truly improve people’s lives. When I’m not looking at textbooks, I enjoy reading everything from Victor Hugo to André Acimán, I also love analysing movies and spending time with my lovely Groningen friends who have truly made my experience in this vibrant city so spectacular. I am very enthusiastic about this new experience and cannot wait to meet everyone!


Hello everyone! I am Lucy, and it is a pleasure to introduce myself as the 2020-2021 Secretary of the Board of the HCSA. I’m currently in my 3rd year of European Languages and Cultures, where I take French as my major language. I especially enjoy the analytical side of the linguistics profile, and learning about how our language skills can develop. Besides my studies, I love to take the train to visit different cities in the Netherlands, or to have a cosy documentary night with friends. With Honours also being an important part of my university life, I’m so happy to be able to contribute to our HCSA community this year, and I can’t wait to speak with you soon!


Hey everyone! My name is Wally and I will be the 2020-2021 Commissioner of Internal Affairs. Currently I’m a second year medical student at the RUG/UMCG. I’m really happy to combine my passion for the life sciences with learning how to help individuals and large groups of people suffering from diseases or illness. Besides studying, I play some guitar and like walking with my dog (though she’s not the biggest fan of walks). The HCSA is a very interesting organization with a plurality of people and I’m really honored to represent a group of students that likes going out of their way to excel and prosper. If you ever have any questions about activities hosted by the HCSA, or about one of our wonderful committees, feel free to contact me!


Hello, I am Angelica Bercx and I am the new Commissioner of External Affairs at the HSCA 2020-2021. I am Dutch, Polish and Dutch-Caribbean and just finished my first year studying International Business. Should you wish to reach out to me please don’t hesitate to do so! I’d be delighted to get to know you!


Hey, My name is Khashayar and I’m glad to be the treasurer of 2020-2021! This year, I will be managing the budget for the association. I’m 20 years old and I am a former medical student, doing Bachelors in Biology and some Computing Science at the moment. When I am not studying I am probably listening to music, playing Dota 2, visiting nature, or spending time with friends. Feel free to contact me in my email if you have any questions!


Hi everyone! I’m Florencia and I’m happy to introduce myself as your 2020/2021 Commissioner of Public Relations! That means besides being in charge of HCSA events’ publications, I’m also your new social media admin! I’m currently a 3rd year International Relations student. I love making music, drawing, learning foreign languages, cooking, travelling, and having great conversation with great people! So if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out through our social media or through my e-mail. Otherwise, I’m really looking forward to meet you all in our events!


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