HCSA Board 2016-2017


Michael SusanChairman 2016-2017
Lisette van OsSecretary 2016-2017
Hedwig DoornboschInternal affairs 2016-2017
Ellen MersmannTreasurer 2016-2017
Claudia van der VeerExternal affairs 2016-2017

About us

Michael Susan – Chairman

Hi! I’m Michael, and am the chairman of the HCSA 2016/2017. Some of you
 may have seen me around last year at HCSA activities, but for
 those who haven’t let me introduce myself. I’m currently a third-year bachelor student Chemical Engineering. Last year I was part of the travel committee organizing the 
trip to Budapest. Despite being fluent in Dutch, I am originally 
Swedish, and have grown up living in various countries. Having lived 
abroad, I believe that I am a very open-minded person and aim to further internationalize our association. In my free time I enjoy travelling and sports, but if you ever want my attention food is the way to go. As your chairman I look forward to seeing you all at our events and am excited to dedicate my time further developing our young association!

All the best,

Michael Susan




Lisette van Os – Secretary

Hi! I am Lisette, during this academic year I will be the secretary of HCSA! As a secretary I will answer all your emails and keep you up to date with our monthly newsletter. I finished the Honours Bachelor program last year. At the moment I am doing a master in biomedical sciences called MPDI, so the lab is my natural environment. Outside the lab, you can find me skating around in Kardinge during the winter, but in the summer I swap my skates for running shoes. In addition, I like to play the viola with my ensemble. I also like to bake cakes and pies, up to the point where my roommates start complaining they are receiving too many cakes… I look forward to this year and I hope to make the best of it!




Ellen Mersmann – Treasurer


I am Ellen and I am the treasurer of the HCSA for the second part of this academic year. I am currently a third-year economics and first-year econometrics student. In January I returned from my minor economics in China where I had an amazing time, but I am also looking forward to my period as a board member. In my free time you can find me at the  ACLO where I spin and play squash, after some exercise I have a good excuse to treat myself on a pie (which is of course homemade) and a good movie with some friends. In short, I really look forward to meet all new members and hope to have a great time together!!




Hedwig Doornbosch – Internal affairs


Let’s introduce myself: My name is Hedwig and you can describe me as creative, enthusiastic and social. At the moment I’m a fourth year Biology bachelor student and will fulfill the function of commissioner of Internal affairs. So, for questions about committees and their events you can come to me! As these responsibilities are not the only things I do, I love to draw, read, dance and wander through the city in my spare time. All in all, I’m looking forward to all the adventures and new experiences during this year!

Hope to see you soon,





Claudia van der Veer – External Affairs


I am Claudia and I am the commissioner of External Affairs for the second half of the year 2016-2017. I just came back from the United States where I spent a whole semester studying at the University of South Carolina. I had a great time there and met many new friends. Because I had a lot of free time there, I joined the musical group ‘Off Off Broadway’ and played in their fall semester play called ‘Hard Knights’. The little amount of free time I have in the Netherlands I normally spend on friends, sports, and of course Netflix (but doesn’t everyone?). Oh, let’s not forget, I am currently a third year International Business student.

I look forward to the rest of this academic year and meeting all the new faces!