The Honours College Social Association is a network of dedicated students from diverse backgrounds, not only in terms of nationalities but also fields of study given that almost all faculties of the University are represented. Given our diverse backgrounds, there are numerous fields in which our members can work. We, as an association want to provide our members with opportunities to kickstart their careers during their study time already. Examples of such career opportunities may include, but are not limited to: in-house days and workshops organised in the offices of interested companies/ministries/NGOs, presentations at the university itself, and generally speaking, providing information about job vacancies of interesting companies.

Aside from career events, HCSA also organize various multidisciplinary lectures. Lectures can be the spark that ignites our curiosity; they make us question and stimulate our critical and creative thinking. Furthermore, our association’s goal is to entertain, encourage discussion, engage, and most importantly, inspire you by inviting eloquent speakers from all over the world to deliver fascinating, thought-provoking lectures.

In other words, we provide an awesome way for you to (temporarily) escape your studies while still being productive and learning something new. Join us to enjoy an intellectually diverse evening in our lecture or to prepare for your next step forward in your career!

Stay up-to-date by following the HCSA Facebook Group (@HCSA Groningen). For suggestions, questions or collaborations, email us at

We look forward to seeing you!