The Honours College Social Association connects highly motivated students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and academic fields. As this years’ Career & Lecture Committee, we have the privilege of fulfilling two important functions for its members. On the one hand, our committee strives to provide the members of the Honours community with opportunities to kick-start their careers and improve their professional skills during their time at University. This includes organizing workshops and in-house days at different companies, ministries or NGOs, as well as generally providing information about career opportunities and vacancies.

Alongside these career events, the committee also promotes a variety of lectures, which will cover a wide range of topics to appeal to the interests of all of our members. We hope that these lectures will spark the curiosity of our members and stimulate their critical and creative thinking. It is our goal for our events to foster a fruitful dialogue between students of different backgrounds, inspiring them to look beyond their horizons and to think about how to create a better future. This year, we will place a special focus on the topic of sustainability and on inviting inspirational speakers that can show our members how to combine success with eco-friendliness.

Why not join us to for an intellectually stimulating lecture or for our next career event!


Nidarshana GanesanPresident
Begüm EmregülSecretary
Charlie BriceTreasurer
Paula Ramirez Public relations