Committee Competition


Updated: 13-05-2019

Competition rules

To earn points, carry out any of the following tasks:

  • Bring Honours students to one of our events: 2 points per student.
    • It is your responsibility as a Committee to make sure the Board knows that it was you who brought in the student(s), so send them our way ;).
  • Get someone new to become an HCSA member: 6 points per new member.
    • If you can get someone to sign up during an event, please come let a Board member know. We are adding the option to the registration form on the website to state that they became a member because of a committee member.
  • Come to our event: 1 point per committee member
  • Come to our event as a whole committee: 5 points
  • Organize a social outing with your committee: 5 points
    • Send us photo evidence!
    • This task can only earn you 5 points once
    • A meeting is not a social outing! We need to see you get some real bonding done!
  • Organize a social outing with the Board 5 points
    • This task can only earn you 5 points once

Scoreboard Committee Competition March – June

Activities Committee9
Career Committee13
Lecture Committee23
Travel Committee15