Lecture committee

Efficient. Active. Purposeful. These are the qualities that this year’s Lecture Committee aim to strive for. Over the years, this committee has earned the reputation for carrying a burning torch of efficiency, when it comes to organizing memorable lectures; lectures that inspire and inform.

We aim to continue this tradition, through our passionate team. We have Rex Albert Villahermosa, our reliable Chairman, who studies Artificial Intelligence; Rex is the rock that keeps our group stable and strong. He makes sure that the team dynamic is vibrant; and that our goals are effectively met; through his wit and charm, he also reminds everyone to have fun, and enjoy this year-long ride.

We have Dan Mocanu – our dependable Secretary – who majors in International Relations, and is a valuable member of our team; Dan’s ability to look for resources in times of scarcity, puts the team at ease. He is also supportive and friendly, which fosters a good-natured ambience for the group.

Last but not least, we have Nicole Rusli, our responsible Treasurer, who studies International and European Law. Her decisiveness and creativity are an asset to our team, as she provides helpful ideas to the group. Nicole also has great foresight, which ensures that our plans get executed well.

Our team is happy to devote ample time and energy, so we’re able to hold the torch high enough – and by doing so, have our lectures engage, educate and enlighten students on vital issues and current events. To a productive year ahead!