Lectures can be the spark that ignites our curiosity; they make us question and stimulate our critical and creative thinking. As the HCSA Lecture Committee, our goal is to entertain, encourage discussion, engage, and most importantly, inspire you by inviting eloquent speakers from all over the world to deliver fascinating, thought-provoking lectures.

In other words, we provide an awesome way for you to (temporarily) escape your studies while still being productive and learning something new. Join us to enjoy an intellectually diverse evening — perhaps you’ll discover what fuels you!

Stay up-to-date by following the HCSA Facebook Group. For suggestions, questions or collaborations, email us at lecture@hcsa.nl

We look forward to seeing you!

From left to right (former lecture committee):

Reitze – Treasurer (passion for sailing “The Beach” and history)

Sagnik – Secretary (doesn’t like anything interesting)

Celia – Chairwoman (loves piano, gymnastics and tofu)

Alexandros – PR (travelling the world, reading, music and sports)