Hi everyone!


We are the social committee responsible for organising fun and amazing social events to remember for the rest of your life (and to forget COVID for a little while). It will be our job to create long-lasting friendships and events that help us with surviving the Honours College.


First, we have our president Ece, who might be a bit of a perfectionist and a drama queen, but she gets the job done. She is supported by our secretary Yuna, who will right down our many crazy ideas and who will help you with literally anything by answering your emails. There is also our money-guy Jan. He likes to have a lot of laughs, drink a lot of beer, and save a lot of money. The enthusiastic PR of this committee is Emma. She may not know something about design of social media, but she will do her best. Then there is Junye, our first general member, who will support us through good and bad times. Last but not least, there is Sandra. She is going to use her creativity and enthusiasm to organise the best events.


We hope to see all of you during on of our many events (insert smiley).

Ece Aydin
Yuna van den Brom Secretary
Jan Hülsewiesche Treasurer
Emma KoendersPublic Relations
Junye keGeneral Member
Sandra Mako-Sanchez General Member