Travel committee

The travel committee consists of four members. First of all, Jolanda is our chairman, she is responsible for the great atmosphere. As she studies business, her enthusiasm and organising skills will help her to oversee this operation in a great manner. Sanne is her helping hand, as the secretary, she is responsible for the administration. She also makes sure we work in the most effective way. Next, Sameer is our promo member. He will make sure everybody will look forward to this beautiful trip. With beautiful headers and posters, all HCSA students will know about this trip. Lastly, as a second-year business student, Sandra is our treasurer. She will make sure we don’t have any financial problems.
This interesting trip will be organised in March.
Every time, a different destination within Europe will be chosen. Previous years, HCSA went to Valencia, Budapest, Thessaloniki.
The destination of this year will be announced during the December drink! This yea
We will discover the beautiful city by visiting cultural highlights, a university and by discovering the nightlife. So, it will be a weekend to never forget!
Together we will make this trip the greatest journey of your study life. We are looking forward to it!