HCSA Board 2017-2018

Michael SusanChairmanboard@hcsa.nl
Jochelle Greaves SiewSecretaryboard@hcsa.nl
Elien TuinteTreasurertreasurer@hcsa.nl
Daan LipsInternal Affairs intern@hcsa.nl
Jochem LammersmaExternal Affairs extern@hcsa.nl
Fleur van BeekPublic Relationspublicrelations@hcsa.nl

Michael Susan – Chairman

Hi! I’m Michael, and am the chairman of the HCSA 2017/2018. I’m currently a third-year bachelor student Chemical Engineering. Despite being fluent in Dutch, I am originally 
Swedish, and have grown up living in various countries. Having lived 
abroad, I believe that I am a very open-minded person and aim to further internationalize our association. In my free time I enjoy travelling and sports, but if you ever want my attention food is the way to go. As your chairman I look forward to seeing you all at our events and am excited to dedicate my time further developing our young association!

All the best,

Michael Susan




Jochelle – Secretary

Hey, I’m Jochelle, and I’m the secretary for the HCSA Board 2017-2018. I’m currently a second-year LLB International and European Law student, and an Honours newbie. Although I completed high school in the Caribbean, I’m originally from New York, which shows if you were to look at my closet. Thanks to my impulsive shopping, I now own a pair of shoes for each day of the month. When I’m not finding new ways to go bankrupt, I spend my time attending extra lectures and horseback riding. I like to consider myself an open, sociable person and I look forward to my involvement in the HCSA and its further growth and internationalization.
I really look forward to working with the other members of the Board and the entire association. I hope that my presence on truly assists in making this year memorable and rewarding for all of us!




Elien- treasurer

Hi! I’m Elien, the new treasurer of the board of the Honours College Social Association 2017-2018. I’m a third year Dutch law student. In my free time you can find me at Gyas, for rowing or just enjoying a drink. I’ll hope that I can make, together with the rest of the board, your year with the HCSA a good year. With study activities, but also with drinking activities and getting to know each other. I’ll hope I see you at our next events this and next year!




Jochem – External affairs


My name is Jochem and I am the Commissioner of External Affairs 2017-2018. Born and raised in the province of Groningen, I made the big leap of going to the city of Groningen to study History. Currently I am in my fourth year, while being active for some international student foundations as well. I am interested in security, geopolitics and have a weak spot for vinyl records. You can describe me as an enthusiastic, social person who is also patient and dedicated.  In my free time I like to watch Netflix, have a beer with friends or listen to the vinyl records I couldn’t resist. For questions about any external activities of the HCSA do not hesitate to contact me! Furthermore, I look forward to the coming board year and getting to know everybody who will be involved in the HCSA!




Fleur – Public relations

Hey, I am Fleur and I will be commissioner of Public Relations of the HCSA Board 2017-2018. I am a third-year student at the ‘Academische Pabo’, which is Pedagogical science combined with the study to become a teacher at primary school. When I am not being around kids as a teacher I also like to make little pirates and princesses of them with face paint. Besides that, I really love being with my friends, travelling (preferring the travel-the-world-kind above the train trips Apeldoorn-Groningen here) and going to Gyas, where I am rowing in the same team as Elien. This year I will be promoting HCSA (just not with face paint probably) and I hope that together we can make this a great year. I’m really looking forward to being part of this board!





Daan – Internal Affairs

Hey there! I’m Daan, the commissioner of internal affairs for the ’17/’18 board year! My most notable characteristics are my general cheerfulness and occasionally a weird comment only southerners will understand… I’ve been part of the activities committee and the gala committee and that’s been great fun! This year, the tables are turned and I get to boss around committees, so I really look forward to that, muahahah!

As for studies, I am starting my fourth year of my International Economics & Businesseconomics degree.  And then there’s the usual hobbies, I enjoy hanging around with my friends, grabbing a drink, and I spend quite some time abroad, travelling!

I hope for this year to be a great success and hope to see many new faces at all our events!