Active members day: Escape Room

Date(s) - 24/05/2016
16:45 - 21:00

Escape Hunt Experience Groningen

Throughout the year, all our active members have been busy organising fun and interesting activities for all our members and Honours College students. Since this is all voluntary work, we would like to thank them. Not by means of payment, but by means of an activity.
On 24 May we will go to the Escape Hunt Experience Groningen. Together with fellow committee members, you are locked in an Escape Room. You can only be liberated by yourselves if you solve the mystery in this room. But solving mysteries mustn’t be too difficult for you, smart Honours students. And the best is, this activity will be offered by the board for FREE.
Afterwards – at least if you have been able to escape – we will have a dinner together, so you can talk about your escape room experience with other teams as every team will have their unique escape room. The dinner is on your own expenses, and the restaurant will be anounced soon.

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