Colloquium: Hate Speech, Pluralism and the Many Faces of Tolerance

Date(s) - 05/04/2016
20:00 - 22:00

Aula, Academy Building


Tolerance is among the most important democratic values. It underlies the principle of religious freedom and helps create the social and political space needed in pluralistic democracies. Hate speech is a mark of intolerance. The dramatic increase in anti-religious hate speeches in recent years has undermined this important democratic value, both in the Netherlands and throughout Europe, and narrows the social space required for a healthy democracy. Law Professor and theologian Paul Rasor, visiting professor at the University of Groningen, challenges our notion of tolerance and democratic values. What do we mean by tolerance? Should hate speech be tolerated as an expression of democratic freedom? And how far can a liberal democracy tolerate intolerance without undermining its own core value? During the colloquium, prof. dr. Paul Rasor will discuss these and more related questions in light of the recent rise of anti-religious hate speech. A panel consisting of Joram Tarusarira, Aurelia Colombi and Frank Hindriks, from the department of respectively Theology, Law and Philospopy, will also give their opinion. Finally, you will have the opportunity to give your opinion or ask questions regarding the subject. Let us know if you will be attending through the following link:

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