Debate and Film: Pills for patients or profit?

Date(s) - 17/05/2016
19:00 - 21:00

Zernikezaal, Academy building


ZThey say money cannot buy happiness, but it can certainly buy health! With the cost of medicines constantly increasing, lower income countries may be left behind and rich countries struggle to pay the bill. Are pharmaceutical research and global disease burden still aligned? Should governments interfere? Conflicting interests and divided opinions make a solution seem far away. Join our interactive discussion and share your perspective with our expert panel!
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Diabetes? Pneumonia? Whooping cough? The doctor will probably prescribe you some medicines. But it’s not always that easy. Newly developed medicines are getting more and more expensive, and for some diseases, no medicines are even available. Whereas research should solve these problems, studies seem to be limited to specific diseases and focus on treatments instead of cures. Governments lack the money to include all treatments in their health systems. The patient bears the brunt.

An important player in the mentioned issues is the pharmaceutical industry, a very profitable industry, once created to serve the people. The question arises; is this still their main goal, or is it all about profit? Why are there so many conspiracies around the pharma, and more importantly, are they real?

As this is an interdisciplinary problem, a solution can only be found on an interdisciplinary level. We would like to invite you all to a debating evening in which we will dive deeper into the current problems. Supported by a documentary, we will discuss the cause of the problem and possible solutions with two experts in the field.

One of these experts is prof. dr. Hans V. Hogerzeil: former director of a chapter of the WHO concerning essential medicines and pharmaceutical policies. Right now he works for the RUG as a professor of Global Health. So, lots of experience and lots to tell.
Our other expert is Ellen F.M. ‘t Hoen, former director of Policy and Advocacy at Médecins sans Frontières. She founded the Medicines Patent Pool, in order to lower the costs of certain medicines. Besides that, she is a very enthusiastic speaker. She even conveyed her compassions in a TEDtalk.

Do you want to know more? Or do you have your own idea about the matter! Join us!
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