Lecture: The return of the hidden persuaders

Date(s) - 12/04/2017
19:00 - 20:30

Heymanszaal, Academy Building


Introduction week activity!

Do you believe that advertisments you do pay any attention to, can alter your behaviour? Or are you sceptical about advertisment’s promotion in general? In this lecture, we will mainly discuss the power of subliminal marketing. We will address chief concepts in Consumer Psychology that explain how consumers are susceptible to marketing tactics used in multiple fields from business to politics.
For this talk, we invited Professor Bob Fennis, an expert in consumer psychology, who has done extensive research on “Hidden Persuasion” (inspired by Vance Packard’s groundbreaking book Hidden Persuaders, which was first published in 1957). Dr. Fennis will share the results of his research, which offer key insights about the subtle (and not so subtle) marketing cues that affect consumers’ emotions, thoughts and behaviors, often without them being aware of the influence.
If you’re eager to learn about useful concepts in Subliminal Advertising (and Consumer Psychology in general), you’re invited to join us on April 12 (Wednesday) at 19:00 at the Heymanszaal (Academy Building) for an engaging lecture, followed by an interactive discussion. Though the lecture is part of the introduction weeks organized by the HCSA, it is open to the general public. Attendance is FREE – be sure to arrive on time. See you all there!

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