Suriname and The Netherlands: a story of postcolonialsm

Date(s) - 16/04/2018
19:30 - 22:00

Academy Building


From a South American perspective, Dutch-speaking Suriname stands out as an anomaly. It is the smallest independent country in South America and the most ethnically and culturally diverse. Suriname and The Netherlands share a long and complex history of colonization, economic-cultural exchange and integration, where both a Surinamese notion to be separate and independent and certain difficulties that make dependency on The Netherlands necessarry can be noticed.

In this HCSA lecutre, Rosemarijn Hoefte discusses Suriname’s history and zooms in on the complex relationship between Suriname and its former colonizer the Netherlands from the 17 th century to today. More than 300 years of colonial domination, economic exploitation, slavery, and indentured labor, and a postcolonial history of independence, constant wrangling between Paramaribo and The Hague, and a large population of Surinamese descent in the Netherlands influence the current relations between the two countries.

The lecture will take place in the Academy Building, room A8.

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