Candidate Board ’17-’18!

Meet the candidate board of ’17-’18! If you want to know more about the current board, click here

Candidate Chairman Markus

Hey there, I’m Markus – the candidate Chairman of the Honours College Social Association. Currently studying in my third year International Business, and second year Economics. Free time, what’s that. Thank god my secretary has time – cause I don’t; thanks Jo. As a Chairman I’d like to take the opportunity to collaborate at a greater level with the board, committees and the entire association. Additionally, I’d like to emphasize working with other associations to create a valuable experience for all of us.

Candidate Secretary Jo

Hey, I’m Jochelle, and I’m the secretary for the HCSA Board 2017-2018. I’m currently a first-year LLB International and European Law student, and an Honours newbie. Although I completed high school in the Caribbean, I’m originally from New York, which shows if you were to look at my closet. Thanks to my impulsive shopping, I now own a pair of shoes for each day of the month. When I’m not finding new ways to go bankrupt, I spend my time attending extra lectures and horseback riding. I like to consider myself an open, sociable person and I look forward to my involvement in the HCSA and its further growth and internationalization.
I really look forward to working with the other members of the Board and the entire association. I hope that my presence on truly assists in making this year memorable and rewarding for all of us!

Candidate Treasurer Elien

Hi! I’m Elien, the new treasurer of the candidate board of the Honours College Social Association 2017-2018. I’m a second year Dutch law student. In my free time you can find me at Gyas, for rowing or just enjoying a drink. I’ll hope that I can make, together with the rest of the candidate board, your year with the HCSA a good year. With study activities, but also with drinking activities and getting to know each other. I’ll hope I see you at our next events this and next year!

Candidate External Affairs Karo

Hey! My name is Karolina and I’m happy to introduce myself to you as the candidate commissioner of External Affairs of HCSA. I am a third-year International Business student and I am looking forward to doing my master’s in the city that we all love. I just came back from one semester in Stockholm and I enjoyed networking, meeting new people and exploring new places a lot. Since above all I am a passionate foodie, I also take joy in discovering new cafés and restaurants. My other obsession is tagging people in memes 24/7 and my guilty pleasure is watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (don’t judge, no one’s perfect). I am looking forward to get to know you and making the best out of the year ahead.