Honours College

The Honours College

The Honours College programme of the University of Groningen is an additional programme on top of the regular Bachelor programme. Here, motivated and talented students find the challenge they need. The Honours programmes stimulate personal and academic development. Students have many opportunities to carry out their own initiatives and ideas.

The Bachelor Honours programme has two parts to stimulate talent and interests: deepening and broadening. The deepening part gives the student the opportunity of getting more in-depth knowledge of their study subject (within their own faculty), for example by carrying out own research or visiting interesting lectures and conferences. The broadening part is a university-wide programme and has less to do with the separate studies, approaching problems from different disciplines. At the end of the Bachelor programme Honours students present their own projects based on one of the modules in the Honours Festival.

To guarantee the accessibility of the Honours College, the programme is free of extra charge. However, students have to apply for one of the 300 places. The selection is based on the mean grade of the first semester of the first year. However, the main criterion to take part in the Honours Programme is motivation: the drive to work on the frontiers of knowledge.

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