Join one of our Committees NOW!

Would you like to get more out of your experience at HCSA? Then become an active member and apply for one of our committees. The deadline is October 8, so be quick! You can apply simply by sending your resumé and a brief motivation to


Activities Committee

The activities committee is in charge of organizing the most social events. These events are excellent to get to know fellow honours students in the most fun way possible! If helping in the planning and organization of such events, the Activities Committee is the right choice for you! We are changing things up a little this year. The committee is asked to organize 2 activities per month. This can be anything, really: BBQ in the Noorderplantsoen, a boat trip on the grachten, a day at Jump XL or a movie night? There are no limits to your creativity. We are looking forward to your application.

Almanac & Photo committee

This committee oversees the production of the annual HCSA Almanac. The Almanac gives a great memory of the year at HCSA, with all the fun events that happened! To give an example of what you can do, the Almanac Committee gets to interview various prominent members of the RUG Honours community!
Additionally, this committee takes the pictures at all our events and can write small reviews for the monthly newsletter. A great committee to get in touch with all of our active and non-active members!

Career Committee

Being the committee that bridges the corporate and small business sector, the career committee is responsible for the organisation and implementation of connections between students and external organisations. In doing so the committee is organising in-house days, workshops and activities that allow students to directly experience and enhance their career prospects. Thus, being part of the committee enables valuable first-hand experience and insights into the market. In doing so, the focus is not to solely provide activities targeted for a certain field, but to enable all students of the HCSA to participate in a multidisciplinary manner. Moreover, it enables first insights into the world of networking and communication. In doing so, the committee will be closely working with the Commissioner of External Affairs, to ensure the alignment with the HCSA.

Travel committee

This committee will organize the annual trip abroad for the HCSA. You will select a location and oversee transportation, accommodation and various activities to do. Last year the trip went to Lisbon, and you can see some of the photos on the website. Typically, the trip abroad is one of the most anticipated events for the HCSA and a great way to really get to know your fellow honours students. After the trip, the reunion is always very well visited.

Sports committee

In this academic year, the Sports Committee will have 2 separate tasks. Firstly, the Sports Committee is in charge of the organization of the Batavieren Race. The Batavieren Race one of the biggest relay races for students. A team will run from Nijmegen to Enschede (roughly 185 km). Additionally, the Sports committee can organize events where HCSA members can e.g. try out new sports together, or form a team to compete in various friendly competitions.