Honours Drinks

November 25th, 17.00-20.00

We’re happy to announce our first monthly Honours drinks!🍻

Let’s get to know each other in real life and have some drinks together.
Join us on the 25th of November at 5 pm at the Café de Toeter (Turfsingel 6, 9712 KP Groningen). We’re very excited to see you all soon and hope you’ll have a great evening with us!

Just click on the button below to sign up for the event.

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HCSA Travel PubQuiz!

June 30th, 19.00-21.00


Are you tired after the past few weeks filled with exams and assignments? Need a refresher? Well, you’re in luck! On Wednesday, the 30th of June, the Travel committee welcomes you to our in-person travel themed pub-quiz!🥳🥳

This 2-hour (19.00 – 21.00) event is going to be in the Grand Café Time Out at Poelestraat. We will test you on 5 topics: World Leaders, Flags, Music, Food Trivia, Infamous Inventions. This is your chance to showcase your global trivia knowledge! Not only is this event another great opportunity to release some stress with your team, you can also interact with other HCSA members you haven’t met before! ✨

The registration is ❕FREE❕of charge and you can even get 2 drinks and 2 rounds of snacks (1 hot and 1 cold)! Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, it is only available for 25 people (HCSA members only). You can compile a group of your own with a maximum of 5 people. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough people, we’ll try to merge you in with other small groups! So, what are you waiting for? Go sign up now through the link in the bio and the travel committee will see you all there!😉

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June 25th, 20.00-22.00

Hi everyone, the Gala committee has prepared a special night for you all! Friday the 25th of June at 20:00 there will be an end of the year drink at DOT. For 2 hours you can get unlimited drinks from the bar, together with some delicious snacks. This includes draft beer, red and white housewines, soft drinks, mineral water and orange juice. Costs are only €14,-! For the 3rd years this evening will mean a proper goodbye to the honours college, while for others it is a nice way to finally meet fellow students. We are really looking forward to seeing you all in your best James Bond gala costume!! Be sure to get your tickets soon via the hcsa site, as there is limited room due to corona measures 😉
XX The Gala committee

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Green Over Groningen (Lecture)

June 24th, 19.00-20.30

Hello fellow honours peeps!
We are back with another lecture on sustainability!♻️☀️

In collaboration with MESA, we would like to invite you to our online lecture “Green over Groningen”, a close-up look at how to make our city more sustainable!

The lecture has two parts:
First, Joey Koning, who graduated from Spatial Planning at the RUG and now works at Hanze, will tell you about
different kinds of climate adaptation projects.

The second part will introduce you to Hugo Mohr and Gijs Verkooinen, two talented students of Environmental and Infrastructure Planning (Hugo) and International Business (Gijs). They started “Het Blad van Groningen”, trying to find a way to cool down Vismarkt, for example,by installing a giant pergola of plants entwined with art. Sign up now below (registration is free and open for all! We hope to see you there!☀️

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HCSA Masterchef

June 2nd, 18.30 PM


Hi everyone! On June the 2nd at 18:30 the social committee will organise the one and only HCSA MasterChef event. You will have limited time to create the most beautiful dish. In the end a winner will be announced. The ingredients to create your dish will be provided for FREE.

You only have until the 26th of May to sign up for the event, so don’t hesitate and sign up now! If you sign up too late you will not be able to participate anymore. Every participant will have to sign up individually, but you cannot participate individually. After signing up you will be added to a Whatsapp group to find someone to cook with. Once you have a partner or two you can share your address. The food package will be delivered to your home on Wednesday if you live in the centrum of Groningen (Binnenstad), Noorderplatsoen- and Hortusbuurt and Binnenstad-Oost. If you live outside these areas, you can pick it up somewhere in the middle of the city. There are no costs associated to it.


SIGN UP BELOW TO PARTICIPATE (Closed to HCSA members only)

Feel free to send any questions to social@hcsf.nl or e.aydin.2@student.rug.nl

We hope to see you Wednesday the second 😀

Kind regards,

Ece, Emma, Jan, Junye and Yuna

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Sustainable Fashion Workshop

April 21st, 2021 19.00PM - 20.00 PM

Ready to get into action for sustainable fashion?

After an enriching lecture on sustainable fashion, during this one-hour online workshop, Dr Fabiola Polli will focus on the more practical side of sustainable fashion! She will tell you about the characteristics of different types of textiles and help you pick up some of the practical skills you need to fix your clothes yourself instead of throwing them away.

Dr Polli completed a PhD in synthetic biology at the RUG and has a background in biochemistry and molecular
biology. She is also the founder of Chicfashic, an online platform raising people’s awareness about the role of the global fashion industry and the importance of second-hand fashion in combating climate change.

Join Dr Polli to ask her your questions about sustainable fashion and discover your crafty side! This online workshop is a follow-up to the sustainable fashion lecture, but you don’t need to have followed that one to participate in this one-of-a-kind practical workshop.

There are only 15 spots available, so sign up now below to join (registration is free and open for all!)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at careerlecture@hcsf.nl or board@hcsf.nl!

Register Here

Online Meditation Programme

Every Monday at 20.30 PM starting March 15th, 2021

Starting on March 15, 2021, the honorable Sri Lankan Buddhistic monk Bahnte Pasadhika Tero will be giving an online meditation program for anyone who’d like to join. You can read more about Bahnte here: https://antonabroad.com/becoming-a-buddhist-monk-a-life-decision-that-i-did-not-regret/

The program is for free and held online once per week. Each session is 60 minutes, in which the students will meditate together, learn about Buddhistic philosophy and have the possibility to ask Bahnte Pasadhika questions. During the program, students will learn different meditation techniques, including Anapana meditation, Vipassana meditation and Metta meditation. The programme will last for 2 months.

When meditating, we try to observe things as they are, without reacting to them or trying to change them. We just observe. Often, emotions or unobserved thoughts distort how we see the world around us. The awareness gained through meditation can be taken into our everyday lives, making us more concentrated and focused on the present moment.

To participate, please sign up by sending an e-mail with your name and contact details to dhamsuwa@gmail.com. You don’t need to be a member of the Honours College to participate in this course, it is open to everyone. You also don’t need to be a spiritual or religious person to benefit from meditation. The meditation techniques taught in this course can be learned easily and are non-sectarian.

More information here
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